Security Law Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

As a multiservice law firm, Shenon Law Group is committed to providing creative legal solutions to frequently complicated issues. One area in which we routinely advise clients is on securities issues and assisting with preparing and filing registration statements and proxy statements. We also provide assistance with annual, quarterly, and current reports, as well as other SEC filings.

The approach we take at Shenon Law Group is to thoroughly understand a company’s business and objectives before we can advise them. This allows us to better and more effectively guide them as well as ensure that any disclosure documents are accurate and complete. We adopt a team approach and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge and experience held by our colleagues.

We understand that our role as legal counsel is more than simply assisting our clients to draft offering and disclosure documents, but also to help guide them to opportunities, investors, and relationships. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to better understand market expectations, the interests of the parties to market transactions, the business needs of our clients, and the need for efficient execution. We utilize that experience and knowledge to identify possible partners who can help our clients grow their businesses efficiently.

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