Appeals in Los Angeles, CA

Our appellate services cover all aspects of an appeal for business and commercial law, from briefing to oral argument. We understand that each dispute is unique, and therefore carefully tailor our litigation strategy to the matter at hand, working with our clients to achieve a balance between their objectives and the strength of their legal position.

An appeal can be a critical point in any case – it is the time during which a law firm can secure a definitive, hard-fought win and also the point at which it can undo a trial error. Whether you are defending a favorable outcome or seeking reversal of a mistake of fact or law, Shenon Law Group has the appellate expertise to guide you to success. We represent companies of all sizes as well as individuals in state and federal courts.

We not only handle appeals of our own cases, but we are also able to serve as post-trial counsel for litigants who are seeking a change following an unsatisfactory outcome in the trial court. We craft amicus briefs for our clients with an interest in major pending litigation with efficiency and effectiveness. We also file requests for supervisory order, requests for writs of prohibition or mandamus, and emergency motions or appeals. Our team has achieved multiple victories in appellate law following a number of different procedural postures.

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